Morning Music Hour — Yaya Bey

Yaya Bey — Remember Your North Star — cred. Bandcamp:

I don’t particularly know how to listen to music anymore since I don’t really listen to the radio and whatever the hell “traditional” pop music is nowadays.

This little piece, which I now realise is not so little, will explore my relationship with music. I am fascinated with how music impacts the brain, a cool not so little field called music cognition.

I hope to make this a regular thing where I look at new albums or songs that I am listening to and why I’m listening to them, and how I feel when I listen to them.

In this first segment, I’ll be writing about Yaya Bey’s “Remember your North Star”

First up: Yaya Bey — “Remember Your North Star”

When I started listening to this album, I had only heard “Pour Up” from Yaya Bey, a single previously released. “Pour Up” is an absolutely fabulous song, a mix of funk, jazz, and R&B, and excited me for her eventual album release.

Just another question, where do people find their fucking music? Like this, marketing from record labels is awful. Literally just getting music from your local DSP’s (digital service provider) algorithms.

Knowing next to nothing about Yaya Bey, after around five songs through the album, “Nobody Knows” pops in, and I immediately had complete confidence in the album. I usually struggle with these short songs and short albums as the songs need to be tight and still be an album where many artists have like ten interludes on a twenty-song album.

If you do that, I hate you, and I hope the algorithm never shows me your album again. Because you won’t be forgiven.

Bey’s choice of beat selection is terrific and blends together the many different genres she’s pulling from as well as her different astounding vocal styles.

With each song, her voice slides smoothly over the melody in and out of the genres she chooses to work with. She is so confident in her ability and oozes this confidence throughout the album.

She knows how good she is at this music shit, and she’s quite frankly shocked that others are unaware.

This extends to Bey’s exploration of connections and investigating the roots of her pain. It’s a brilliant adventure. She’s making a dance album in some parts. Turn up music, and she turns around on the next song and makes a song that is clearly so personal to her and is autobiographical. There’s so much more that I can say about this album, and since it’s come out, I’ve listened to it nonstop without losing its lustre.

What I really love about this album, and which is something that I keep coming back to, is that it plays with so many different sounds. It really sounds like someone is just being their totally creative self without boundaries.

Check out the album here:

It’s a similar feeling I’ve been having with Lil Silva’s “Yesterday is Heavy” and FKJ’s “Vincent.”

Also, fascinating albums to explore that I maybe will write about more another day when I write about music and emotion.

I don’t know what I’ll write in the future, though. Probably fewer film reviews and more about music and pieces on the place of technology in society and the economy. Probably also more short stories and journalism, I hope, cause that’s cool.



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